We provide a range of rural health programmes to marginalised communities

Rural communities surrounding Snehalaya are served by us with programmes that improve health and well-being, equality, education and prosperity

These are some of the daily challenges faced by rural communities

Child labour

Child abuse, lack of school attendance and poverty

Disease and infections

Unsafe drinking water and sanitation


Caste, class and gender discrimination


Illiteracy and poverty


Inadequate access to medicines and health professionals


Low birthweight and malnutrition


Gender inequality, dowry crime and violence against women

Sex selection

Foeticide and Infanticide

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Daily Rural Visits

We organise and visit rural communities daily with a specialist doctors, health educators and gurus. Their role is discuss a range of health and well-being issues in nurseries, schools, community centres, health centres and temples.

Rural Health programme themes include:

  • human rights to combat gender discrimination
  • Safe sex, sexual reproduction and menstruation
  • Pregnancy, pre and post-natal health care
  • Economic and job security
  • Provision of vaccinations and medicines
  • Being heard by local and regional government departments
  • The benefits of a varied diet, cleanliness and eating healthy
  • Improving hygiene and sanitation

Meetings and Workshops

Meetings and workshops are organised depending on gender and age. We meet groups of young girls, women and men to discuss and offer advice on a range of issues.

How can you help?

Our rural health programme tries to help local communities understand and combat some of the above issues.

Volunteers are needed everyday to help us reach marginalised rural villagers with much needed advice, support and services.


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