We provide life-saving and life-changing support and services to vulnerable people in India.

They include disabled, abused, poor and neglected orphans, underprivileged and oppressed girls and the marginalised rural poor.

We envision a world without abuse and where every person, regardless of gender, age, caste and ability lives in peace and dignity with their human rights upheld.


Our Aims

1. To work towards ending child abuse and ensuring that every child has access to a loving home, water, food, medicine and education

2. To work towards eradicating patriarchy from society, where young girls are empowered and given access to relevant schooling and knowledge

3. To ensure the health, well-being and equality of rural communities, especially women through rural aid and development programmes

Our Mission

Help Children of India raises funds to support life-saving and life-changing humanitarian projects reaching thousands of beneficiaries in and around Gwalior City, Madhya Pradesh, central India.
Beneficiaries include vulnerable groups predominantly
  1. Disabled, abused, neglected and poor orphans to whom we provide a multi-disciplinary and special needs orphanage
  2. Rural poor and oppressed children especially girls to whom we provide schooling and knowledge
  3. Rural poor communities to whom we provide rural development aid and assistance

Our Objectives

  1. To provide shelter, food, medicine, education, training and love to orphans who have been sexually abused, are disabled, destitute, poor and underprivileged
  2. To provide free and low cost education for up to 500 children especially poor girls from Gwalior and the surrounding villages to provide elementary education that empowers them to fight for gender equality and economic security
  3. To run community development programmes for over 5000 beneficiaries including the advocating for, and in some instances, the provision of basic health, safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, sexual health, income generation services, vaccinations, indigenous knowledge and other medical programmes and services to illiterate and poor rural villagers in the Gwalior and Chambal region


“Snehalaya”, meaning “the home with love” in Hindi, is a care home for disabled children, homeless women and the aged, where they live together as a family in individual cottages, with aims to help make them independent and live with dignity.

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