Would you like to give a personal donation or give through a trust, foundation or similiar to Help Children of India?

We need philanthropy to provide life-saving and life-changing services to disabled, abused and neglected orphans, vulnerable women, girls in need of education and training and rural aid and development programmes

Your donation will help

  • ensure our children can continue to live with us. Our children have suffered abuse, are disabled and were neglected orphans but they now call Snehalaya home.
  • provide accommodation, food, medicine, clothing, education, love and more. You donation will also help provide an empowering education to rural girls to enable them to combat poverty and patriarchy.
  • thousands of marginalised rural villagers including children, girls and pregnant mothers receive expert health and well-being education, support and vaccines.

Becoming partners

Donating will ensure a deeper partnership where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the issues and our work.

You will learn the causes and consequences of poverty, patriarchy, disability stigma and how our work combats each.

You will be kept updated with detailed reports.

You will be hosted in India where you will see the impact you are making.

You can become involved in networking events meeting like-minded people.

You can explore ideas and participate in discussions with senior Help Children of India staff

Contact us

Get in touch to discuss your donation and how your impact will save and change lives forever.

By donating just £5 a month you can help a disabled Orphan in India


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