Snehalaya School, opened in 2011, provides empowering education to predominately girls from the villages surrounding Snehalaya.


We need volunteer teachers up to secondary level across all major subjects including English, Maths, Science and Computing.

The School's purpose

To provide rural girls with an effective education to fight patriarchy and end gender based economic, cultural, political, physical and emotional oppression.

Volunteer to teach in Snehalaya School

Experience the joy of volunteering at our School in Snehalaya. Accommodation is within Snehalaya Care Campus, set in a rural setting outside the historic City of Gwalior, central India. Indian vegetarian food is served 3 times a day. English language translators are on-hand. Contact us to discuss tailoring your volunteering to match your experiences and expectations.

Snehalaya School features


It currently has 120 children, with capacity for 500. We also accept boarding students. Some residents (Orphans) from Snehalaya also attend the school if their conditions allow. We need to fund more school buses to help more rural children get to school.


The curriculum includes the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with guidance from State and National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) giving our students the best academic starts possible. However, we need more volunteer teachers to bring the curriculum to life for our students.


In addition to preparing our children with the knowledge required within rural communities, we also aim to arm them with knowledge to face an increasingly globalised world with the help of our volunteers. Further, we pride ourselves on offering Gurukul Vedic education. This provides them with the rich heritage and cultures of India such as yoga, meditation and ancient philosophical scriptures.

Contact us for further information

Our volunteer teaching roles can be a short as one week. Teach at a level that suits you expertise and experience. Contact us for further information.


The newly purpose built school in housed within a single block around a central courtyard. It has 3 floors, classrooms, tables, chairs, blackboards, library, learning materials, computers and an audio-visual lab. There are facilities for play, sports, horse riding, vocational training, arts and drama and much more but we need more funds to purchase teaching aid to help our children learn more effectively.


Faculty members includes teachers from India with visiting teachers from UK, USA, Canada and Australia and others. We welcome trainee or qualified volunteer teachers to help our children and staff.

Christopher Hitchings Memorial Library

Students and the community benefit from a growing library that covers the major themes in the curriculum. Items include books, maps and DVDs.  The Library is named in the memory of former London based volunteer Christopher Hitchings (1971-2011). Funds are always required to provide books that children can learn and be inspired from.

By donating just £5 a month you could provide this benefit to our children


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